Think you would benefit from a wholesale thatch account
with Thatch Direct? Find out now!

Wholesale thatch accounts are tailored to retail companies who sell palm thatch and reed thatch products. Wholesale thatch customers automatically recieve a significant discount per piece of material and potentially may be qualified to recieve even greater bulk discounts! Free shipping is automatically applied to every wholesale order over $2500, as well.

Once you've signed up for a wholesale thatch account with Thatch Direct making thatch orders will be easier than ever. After a successful registration you can immediately begin to make purchases. (Please note that if you are a retailer in CA you will need to provide your Tax ID number at the time of registration. Your Tax ID will need to be verified before your account will be listed as tax exempt. Please allow up to 48 hours for this.) The next time you need to order wholesale thatch, return to Thatch Direct and click the "Login" link at the top of the page. Be sure to keep your account information in a safe and secure place that you will remember!

As a wholesale thatch customer of Thatch Direct you benefit from not only low prices and excellent quality but you also will be listed on our website which will drive traffic to your company and improve your websites rankings.

Ex: A palapa retailer signs up for a wholesale thatch
account and completes a purchase. Thatch Direct will
send an order confirmation email to the palapa retailer.
The palapa retailer will then need to send an email back
to Thatch Direct with the name of their company and
the url of their website.

It's that easy. The name of your company will be linked with your website which will increase the traffic on your site and boost it's ratings on search engines!

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This doesn't sound quite like what you need?
Try bundle pricing discounts instead!

Aren't ready for a wholesale thatch account? You can still be eligible to recieve bulk/bundle pricing for both palm thatch and reed thatch. Use the convenience of ordering directly off our website. Please click on the following links to visit our bulk/bundle pricing on palm thatch and bulk/bundle pricing on reed thatch pages.